get  your own private eMail address
The story about "free" email accounts

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a email account today:

1. Privacy is your most important reason: most "free" email providers use your information for their advertising needs. Check out  this story in "Entireweb newsletter" on what really happens to your private user data.

Some sites gather your personal information by tracking you once you log into their free e-mail program, and then match the data you provide with demographics, such as average income for your particular ZIP code. Don't be surprised if you suddenly receive targeted advertising material or sales calls just because you visited a related website.

2. More and more online merchants might refuse your order if you submit an email address with a "free" email: A high number of fraud is associated with these free accounts.. Therefore some  merchants refuse to accept orders if you do not provide a unique email address.

3.  The email address  you can get with "free" providers is probably a difficult, hard to memorize one.  Your first name is most certainly already in use by someone else.

4. Advertising might be added within your "free" email, resulting in
your mail being flagged as 'Spam' by many programs. Imagine that happening to an important email you are sending out, when writing to friends, or applying for a job, or... 

5. Watch out extra costs and hidden fees in "free" programs. Your includes the POP feature, to retrieve the email to your account. is a straightforward, honest, reliable and low-cost service for all of your individual email needs.

If you are ready for a robust, unique, personalized email account, get one today with